Things I’ve Worked On

A two-month bootcamp giving professionals the skills and real-world experience needed for a career in data analytics.
Northeastern’s New Ventures
Leverage the Northeastern platform to incubate, develop and grow a wide range of new business initiatives, and advance a new model of education that moves beyond traditional boundaries
City Awake
A 10-day festival of 150+ organizations organizations highlighting and amplifying the work done by Boston’s social impact sector
Providing textbook alternatives
Alleviating Poverty Through Entrepreneurship
One of the largest free social entrepreneurship conferences
NetImpact (and the Bunson Impact Investing Challenge)
Exploring the intersection of business and social impact
International Behavioral Economics and Finance Association
Helping Brandeis students study the effects of human psychology on economics and finance
StartingBloc Fellowship
A community of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and change-makers focused on using business for social good
The Appalachian Project
A study of how the social, economic, and cultural characteristics of Appalachia affect student success in higher education

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